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Impressing with a healthy living environment

Brouwers Groen has been part of the Vebego family since 2018. Ronald Kusters, co-owner of the landscaping company, acquired several new contracts in 2020 for the management and maintenance of public space.

Ultimate relationship test Vebego Airport Services Belgium and Brussels Airport

Brussels Airport wants to improve the passenger experience and sees cleaning as an integral part of this. Right from the first meeting, Vebego supported the airport’s vision, explains Ine Hox, Head of Passenger Services.

Great Place to Work: ‘Every day is different’

Vebego wants to make an impact and does this, among other things, by providing employees with a meaningful job. It measures this impact at several companies with Meaningful Work, a self-developed, scientifically tested method.

Vebego sets the example as training company

Vebego AG is a forerunner within Vebego in terms of making and measuring impact. The Swiss business group has more than 6,000 employees in total and works systematically on a role as a meaningful, attractive employer.

CO2 and the environment: less negative impact, more positive impact

Vebego wants to make a positive impact and actively reduce any negative impact. We deal in a sustainable manner with employees and customers, but also with the environment. We take our responsibility in combatting climate change and its consequences.