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One language: EcoVadis and Great Place To Work

In order to objectively compare our economic, environmental and social performance with our peers and with other organisations, we decided in 2021 that we will work with all our large companies to achieve the EcoVadis and GPTW certifications, with the goal being for all eleven companies to have achieved both certifications by 2025. Vebego Switzerland has had the GPTW certificate since 2020, and successfully passed all relevant follow-up tests again in 2021.

The next step: measuring impact

In 2021, we as Vebego selected the SDGs 8 and 12. Following this, a series of zero measurements on these SDGs will take place in our companies in 2022. For CO2 emissions, this was already done in March 2022. As a pilot, in 2021 an impact analysis was performed at Balanz Facilitair, focusing on “distance to the labour market”. This Vebego company wants to be the largest social entrepreneur in facility services in the Netherlands.

The results of the pilot show that Balanz Facilitair demonstrably creates extra value for people and for society. The company provides meaningful work and ensures the development of its employees through training, job coaching and building up work experience. The company also contributes towards an inclusive society, With the management of accommodations, the company promotes safety in society. and it works to ensure a clean working and living environment. The analysis shows that Balanz Facilitair still has some room for improvement regarding the environment. The company’s energy consumption contributes to CO2 emissions. Precious water is used for cleaning, and cleaning products also contribute to air pollution.


Impact analyses are planned for 2022 for these companies, among others:

  • Hago Next is working alongside Impact Institute on impact measurements, aimed at the sustainability of cleaning products and the sustainable employability of employees.

  • Vebego Airport Services is working alongside Impact Institute on an impact measurement of Scope 1, 2 and 3 (CO2 emissions, waste processing and energy consumption).

  • The Vebego Landscaping Companies are currently determining the scope of the impact measurement on the themes of biodiversity and labour participation.

The road ahead for impact measurement is as follows:
 2022: Baseline measurement of CO2 footprint + D&I.
 2022: Completing materiality analysis for GRI.
 2022: Formulate Impact KPIs for Executive Board and Managing Directors.
 2023: Impact woven into Planning & Control cycle.
 2024: Integrated annual report 2023 with assurance (CSRD compliant).