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For the first time in the long Vebego history, the consolidated turnover exceeded €1 billion, an absolute milestone. Turnover increased by 5.6% to €1,052 million; in 2020 this was €996 million. Organic growth in 2021 amounts to 2.8%. The increase in the consolidated turnover is also due to Vebego acquiring the majority of the shares from NG2 Holding at the end of 2020, and therefore including the turnover for the whole year in the consolidation in 2021.

The coronavirus crisis also had a major impact on the individual contributions of companies in 2021. Just like last year, the turnover of the companies operating at the airports (Amsterdam, Zurich and Brussels) and at the large event venues was under significant pressure. Vebego’s consolidated turnover has nevertheless remained stable. This is due to the stable turnover in the landscaping and healthcare sectors. In addition to this, in 2021 the cleaning companies were able to maintain the turnover level with additional work. The increase in value of the Swiss Franc also had a positive impact on turnover (+0.6%). The impact of acquisitions and divestments over the 2021 financial year is very limited. The total managed turnover, where the contribution from the joint ventures counts fully, remained stable at €1.27 billion (2020: €1.27 billion).


In 2021, the consolidated turnover in Belgium increased to €176 million (2020: €138 million). In particular, the expansion of our share package in NG2 has contributed significantly to this strong increase. This acquisition helps to improve Vebego’s position in facility services. We also see that our healthcare activities have grown organically. The facility companies and the service voucher companies have had a difficult year, just as in 2020, but have managed to maintain the turnover. Most of the service voucher companies were sold by Vebego at the end of 2021. The Belgian activities account for approximately 17% (2020: 14%) of Vebego’s total turnover.


Our businesses in Germany have been able to maintain sales or – in the case of the temporary employment activities – achieve growth. In 2020, almost all activities in Germany suffered greatly from the coronavirus crisis. Our temporary employment agency having lost 30% of its turnover in 2020, we see recovery in 2021 with the company growing by more than 10%, but this still remains below the level of 2019. The facility activities were able to maintain turnover in comparison to the previous year. We see a recovery in turnover in hotels, general cleaning has remained stable. The total turnover of the companies that are active in the German market amounted to €92 million (2020: €88 million), 9% (2020: 9%) of Vebego’s total turnover.

The Netherlands

In the Netherlands, the turnover of all activities amounted to €551 million (2020: €551 million). The cleaning companies and the landscaping sector have managed to maintain turnover. Facility management has recorded more turnover than in 2020 due to organic growth. In the commercial activities, we see a decline in the sale of regular cleaning agents, machines and materials. The increase in disinfectant-related products and materials has remained the same compared to 2020. The cleaning activities in the healthcare sector have grown slightly; the healthcare companies have developed in line with expectations. The share of Dutch activities in 2021 is 52% (2020: 55%) of Vebego’s total turnover.


Turnover increased to €234 million (2020: €219 million). This increase is entirely due to organic growth, primarily in the area of facility management. Due to a number of large new clients, turnover was positively affected. Vebego Airport Zurich’s work has improved slightly compared to 2020. The regional Swiss company Cleaning Service also showed strong growth of more than 17% this year. Vebego is active in Switzerland in facility services, healthcare and maintenance. Switzerland has a share of 22% in Vebego’s turnover, just as in 2020.