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For the first time in the long Vebego history, the consolidated turnover exceeded €1 billion, an absolute milestone. Turnover increased by 5.6% to €1,052 million; in 2020 this was €996 million. Organic growth in 2021 amounts to 2.8%.

Trend in results

The net result for 2021 was €28 million (2020: €17 million), a return of 2.7% (2020: 1.7%). The improvement relative to 2020 has a number of causes.


In 2020, Vebego developed a new Tax Control Framework (TCF). In 2021, this TCF was fully implemented and functional in the Netherlands.

Balance sheet

Vebego’s capital position remains strong. Solvency is 31.7% (2020: 29.3%). The increase is due to the positive result over 2021.