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Our Management

Vebego is managed by the Board of Directors, consisting of Ton Goedmakers (CEO) and Ronald Goedmakers (member, also responsible for impact/sustainability and communication).

Responsibility for the day-to-day management of Vebego lies with the Executive Board, which is comprised of the Board of Directors and five other members. In 2021 these were Ferry Muller (CFO, including risk, compliance, governance and IT), Giuseppe Santagada (COO for Germany and Switzerland), Mark van Haasteren (COO for Belgium and the Netherlands), Niel Cortenraad (CSO) and Peter van Montfort (CHRO, including leadership, meaningful work and talent management).

In 2021, changes were initiated in the composition of the Executive Board. Ton Goedmakers was appointed Vebego CEO as of 1 January 2021. He took over this role from Ronald Goedmakers, who was CEO for 16 years. Ronald remains part of the Board of Directors. Vebego also reinforced its Executive Board with COOs Giuseppe Santagada and Mark van Haasteren as of 1 January 2021. The other changes will be implemented during 2022.

These changes will include the appointment of a new CFO and CHRO; the desire for more diversity within the Executive Board will be expressly taken into account here. CFO Ferry Muller will leave the organisation in the spring of 2022 after twenty-six years of service. His successor will start on 1 September 2022. Until that date, Ronald Goedmakers will temporarily take over the duties of the CFO. CHRO Peter van Montfort will transfer his portfolio to his successor over the course of 2022. Peter will remain involved in the organisation in another role. The Board is very grateful to Peter and Ferry for their years of commitment and involvement at Vebego.


The organisational change also changes the Executive Board’s role towards the Vebego companies. The Executive Board will take on the role of strategic architect. It will focus on strategic growth and allocate financial resources to the companies within the framework of our group strategy. This gives the companies the necessary space to operate on their own. With a consistent form of management and with clear mandates and KPIs, they are stimulated in their entrepreneurship and in increasing their impact. Since 2021, the operational management of our four core countries has been entrusted to two COOs, both of whom also have a seat on the Executive Board. The companies regularly report to the COOs about progress and developments.

The group strategy is determined by the Vebego holding company, that nurtures our unique culture and is responsible for portfolio management, collaborations & acquisitions, and non-financial and financial audits. The holding company assesses the plans of the companies and provides direction and support, where this has added value for the collective. This includes things such as IT security, brand policy, auditing, the top 50 talent development, impact and culture.

Corporate Secretary

With structural changes at board level and a more strategic role for the holding company, there was a need for a Corporate Secretary. This new role has been filled by Suzanne van Nieuwenhuijzen since early 2022. In this role, she is the link between the Board of Directors, the Executive Board, the Supervisory Board and the board of the Trust Office Foundation which manages Vebego’s shares on behalf of the Goedmakers family.

Change to top-level corporate structure

At the end of 2021, changes were made to Vebego's top-level corporate structure. These changes aim to simplify the structure and end overseas companies. On 31 December 2021, the current Supervisory Board was appointed as supervisory body of Vebego B.V., as a continuation of its appointment to the now dissolved company Vebego International N.V., founded under the laws of Curaçao. For a short period in 2022, the Supervisory Board will hold authority for two entities (Vebego B.V. and Vebego Holding N.V.). After approval of the 2021 financial statement, Vebego Holding N.V. will be dissolved and Vebego B.V. will become the head of the group.