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“If everyone does something for someone else, the world gets better”

Since the end of last year, Josine Dekker has been Strategic Partners & Projects coordinator at the Vebego Foundation: “Our goal is that all our colleagues know that we are there, know what it is we do and what we can do for them. That’s why in November and December 2021 I was travelling almost every day as part of the My Project campaign, planting seeds.

This is now starting to bear fruit, and we’re getting a lot more requests. The partnership with Stichting Jarige Job was also continued in 2021. Our companies helped to pack 2,388 birthday boxes during eight team outings, and the annual packing marathon took place in October. We also explored collaboration with a new partner. Volunteer work is extremely important. I think that everyone has the right to a life that is as enjoyable and pleasant as possible.

If everyone does something for someone else, the world gets better. This is how I try to motivate others to do something too.”