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“Window film package for employees has measurable impact on energy use”

Energy costs are rising, and the Earth is warming up. For that reason, Hago Zorg took the initiative to help employees better insulate their homes. All employees were able to receive a free package of insulating window film to help them save money on their energy bills. Hundreds of packages were ordered in less than two months.

Ingrid Kornips is project manager of the Hago Zorg Environmental & Sustainability project group, which every year devises an initiative to create visible and measurable impact. She calculates out loud the impact of the window film, the leading idea in 2021. “We have sent out 390 packages of insulating window film, with each package insulating 2.5 m2 of window, that means an 975 m2 of better insulated windows. That leads to a saving of 13,065 m3 gas per year, which then results in a reduction of 23,517 kilograms of CO2.”