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Abbas brothers from Syria working as painters for Yask

The Syrian brothers Fathi (41) and Fahad Abbas (46) started their integration process as residence permit holders in the municipality of Gennep in September 2018. Guided by Asha Jodha, reintegration consultant at Stichting INTOS, they came into contact with Mark Vonken of Yask Facility Management: “Yask is responsible for the operation of the indoor sports facilities in Gennep, including the Pica Mare sports centre. Here we work alongside local parties, including 4Events.”

In consultation with 4Events board member and Yask colleague Twan Maasen, the Abbas brothers – employed in Syria as plasterers – were able to start work at Pica Mare from September 2021, where, led by Jack Knops, they painted the sports hall and pool at a blazing speed. Fahad: “We learned plastering and painting from our father. We are very pleased that we can continue to practice our profession in the Netherlands.” However, the work here is completely different, Fathi adds: “Everything is organised here, the working hours, the breaks; everyone knows what they have to do.”

The job for the Municipality of Gennep will be completed in June this year, and Yask will go in search of new parties who want to hire the two brothers for painting assignments.