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“There are always ways to support people who are in a difficult situation”

Sinisa Radat was a skilled plasterer and enthusiastic basketball player. However, due to burnout, he was no longer able to exercise his profession and was dependent on sickness benefits for his income. An employee of Swiss insurance company Mobiliar heard about Sinisa’s situation and put him in contact with Vebego AG. He was then able to start working here as a concierge in the canton of Uri. Partly thanks to the Vebego reintegration programme, Sinisa was able to slowly but surely expand his employment to 60%.

The integration program ended after three months, which also brought an end to Sinisa’s work as a concierge. Marco Baumann, Vebego sector manager in the canton of Uri: “However, we were very satisfied with the partnership, and wanted to keep him employed with us. That’s why since May 2021 we have employed Sinisa full-time as a cleaner specialised in façade cleaning. We are delighted that we have been able to support Sinisa in his difficult situation, and that he has proven to be an extremely valuable employee. It proves once again that even though the situation may seem hopeless, there is always a solution!”