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Work that has meaning, work that makes a positive impact every day

Every person is unique and has their own talents. As Vebego, we strive to ensure that all our employees can develop these talents – at the workplace, but also as people. We have an eye for specific needs and talents, and will always lend an ear in good times and in bad, because we believe that our employees can only provide good work for others when they feel good in themselves. And furthermore, if we pay attention to the talents of our employees, then this contributes to growth, both our employees themselves and for us as an organisation.

Vebego wants to be more than just a logo on the payslip. We recognize that our employees are valuable beyond our company. By increasing the impact of our employees, we increase our impact on the world. Cleaning, care, landscaping and facility management are activities that create prosperity. We owe it to our employees to make sure this value is better and more widely communicated, in order to increase respect for the work they do, and to generate more awareness of the substantial contributions that this work makes towards well-being in our society.

Vebego’s ambition is to offer meaningful work to as many people as possible. Within HR, one of the ways we do this is by actively working on diversity and inclusion and by approaching employees with appreciation. One of the pillars of HR that strongly contributes to making a positive impact is meaningful work. By ensuring that we provide meaningful work for our own employees, we also offer our customers and their employees as well as society the most added value.

'For us it is only natural that our organisation, and more specifically the employees who work for us, reflect the society in which we live. We are society. That helps us. And we are proud of it. The intrinsic motivation to 'do good' drives us.' (HR Vision 2019)
Number of employees

The number of (managed) employees at the end of 2021 amounts to 31,808. The decrease in comparison to 2020 (34,091) is due to the sale of a number of joint ventures in healthcare (in Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands) and the service voucher companies in Belgium. 78% of our employees work part-time, 71% are women. 

Number of employees per country (managed)
















The Netherlands
















  • * Employees are the total number of employees from the consolidated companies and our joint ventures
Great Place To Work

Not only do we offer meaningful work, but we also want to measure its effect. In 2021 – just as in 2020 – working at Vebego was valued with a satisfaction rating of 7.8. A total of seventeen Vebego companies conducted the Meaningful Work study in 2021, with responses from 3,794 employees. Following after Vebego in Switzerland, from 2022 we will be starting to use Great Place To Work (GPTW) in Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands. This internationally known methodology gives us insight into how we can increase, strengthen and broaden aspects such as employee engagement or the level of diversity and inclusion. The goal is that all of our companies will have obtained the GPTW certificate by 2025, Vebego thus profiles itself as an attractive employer for existing employees and potential employees. Great Place To Work is therefore also an essential component of our employer branding and labour market communication.

Measuring meaningful work
'In Switzerland, the labour market is tight. People can choose. That is why we are doing everything to be attractive and to improve our reputation. Since the beginning of 2020, we have had Great Place To Work certification. This helps to ensure that we are indeed recognised and acknowledged as an attractive employer. It really strengthens our image.' Remo Wehrli, Director of People & Transformation, Vebego AG
Diversity & Inclusion

Vebego has been driven by inclusive entrepreneurship ever since its establishment. We believe in the power of differences. Our family business must be a place where everyone can work, regardless of ethnicity, origin, age, ability to work, or gender. A place without a glass ceiling. We are convinced that our organisation will become stronger if we embrace diversity. For us, it is natural that our organisation and the people who work with us, reflect the society in which we live. We are society: our organisation is made up of more than one hundred nationalities.

Signing of the Diversity Charter on 28 October 2021

Vebego signed the Diversity Charter on 28 October 2021. In the Diversity Charter, we described our specific challenge in the area of diversity and inclusion (D&I) in the workplace: we want to reduce differences throughout our organisation. There is a specific focus on increasing gender and cultural diversity within management. By signing the charter, we have committed ourselves to this challenge as an organisation. One of our sub-targets is to ensure that diverse talent is represented. The first steps have been taken in making the inflow process objective. For example, the entire recruitment process has been analysed on the basis of scientific insights. With the help of this analysis, improvements were made to the job vacancy texts and a checklist for writing these job vacancy texts in an inclusive way was created.

On 1 January 2022, the new law directed at creating a balanced gender ratio in corporate boardrooms. Vebego currently meets the target of 40% women on the Supervisory Board and is working hard to achieve the 33% standard for the Executive Board in 2022. 

The way we work

Corona has given a huge boost to modern working. We work in more hybrid way, and at more varied times. In May 2021, we conducted “Successfully working together remotely” survey in the Netherlands for the second time. Partly through this survey, we know that our staff enjoy travelling less and being more in charge of their own time. Just over half (55%) of employees said they prefer to work from home for 50% of the time and at the office for the other 50%. We are happy to facilitate this, because we see working from home as a good addition to working in the traditional workplace. We offer room for personal interpretation, based on the needs of the employee. This is in line with our approach in which we focus on the employee’s talent and providing coaching based on what is needed. We also focus on output and encourage a healthy lifestyle.

  • 1 Report from “Successfully working together remotely” survey, May 2021

In 2021, we continued the process of arranging a proper home workplace for our colleagues who support the primary process. Vebego provides equipment such as desks, chairs and monitors, so that employees can work from home in a safe and pleasant manner. The fact that this approach is worthwhile can be seen from the fact that employees experienced fewer physical health complaints in May 2021 than in November 2020 (22% compared to 32%).

In Switzerland, the possibility of working from home is also considered to have advantages for many employees, as is a flexible approach to work, which motivates our employees to work optimally even when at home. Working from home is therefore also viewed here as a good addition to working in the office.

Modern working also calls for new forms of leadership. Remote working has consequences for personal employee leadership; it thus requires a (minor) change for our managers. We are developing several modules that will help them to master this new form of leadership. By working with people from other organisations within Vebego and by discovering new forms of leadership together, everyone will soon be speaking the same language in their own way.

Working safely

We believe it is important to provide everyone with a pleasant, safe and healthy workplace, especially since work is a place where our employees spend a large part of their time. We want to provide a workplace where everyone feels at home, where everyone is allowed to be, and where the individual needs of employees are listened to, so that everyone enjoys going to work. This also means being able and allowed to work safely, both for our employees and for our customers. The word “safety” here goes beyond technical safety. It’s also about employees – the majority of whom work with our customers on site – feeling safe, and about measuring how safe we are. We are glad to take responsibility for this as an employer. Working safely is a prerequisite: we work safely or we don’t work at all.


The transition to eleven large companies will also require a lot of energy and attention from our employees, managers, HR team and works councils in 2022 and 2023. We are facing changes in processes, structures and teams, but above all we are working on a cultural change, with “one family, one culture, one language” as our goal. These are changes that we make collectively and carefully, with full attention to employees.

In 2022, we will expand our family with more than 8,000 new colleagues, who we will welcome from hectas into our Vebego family. This is an important step in meeting our growth ambition, because at the same time the shortage in the labour market continues to pose a risk to our services. That’s why we are going to keep work hard on building a strong position as the most attractive employer in facility services. We are going to continue to increase awareness and the level of inclusiveness and diversity within Vebego. Finally, GPTW certification is a goal for all Vebego companies by 2025.