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“Tilburg Spoorpark has become a beautiful park, with a very clear social function”

Tilburg Spoorpark opened in 2019. The plot in the middle of the city, formerly an NS marshalling yard and the logistics hub of Van Gend & Loos, has been transformed into a vibrant city park. Brouwers Groenaannemers, part of Vebego, was the main contractor and took care of the construction; this project won the company the European Landscape Contractors Association’s Green Park Award in 2021.

Park manager Sophie Peters is proud of “her” park. “This was the largest citizens” initiative within the Benelux area. The park is operated and managed by local Tilburgers. There is a volunteer organisation with sixty-five people that makes sure the park stays clean and safe. Tilburg residents can meet up, have a picnic, climb a tower, kick a ball around, skate, take the BMX on the cycle track, play on the water square. The park is also home to the scouts, an after-school care facility and a beach volleyball club. It has really become a beautiful park for local Tilburgers, with a very clear social function.”