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Net Promoter Score

Vebego strives for long-term relationships with its clients, partners and suppliers. In order to continuously receive customer feedback, we introduced Net Promoter Score (NPS) in 2020 as a measurement method at the majority of our 100% companies.

In the meantime, we carried out second, third and sometimes fourth measurements at all our companies over the course of 2021. The methods vary from relational (what do you think of company x) to transactional (what did you think of experience x), depending on the needs and the specific business. The weighted average of all NPS scores across all companies within the group is +43. The results varied from an NPS of +2 to +85, with an average response of 29%.

Items that score well across the entire portfolio of companies are the quality of service, the on-site contact person and our ability to “think along” with our customers. One aspect that requires attention is proactivity. In conversations with clients and during the next series of surveys, we will look at what (the need for) proactivity exactly means for clients.

Besides this, we are seeing that the coronavirus situation is having a positive effect on a number of companies. Hygiene is higher on the agenda, its importance has become more prominent, and this is reflected in a more positive valuation. The biggest risers are Care, from +3 to +31, Hago from +40 to +56 and Hago Zorg from +23 to +42. The highest total scores are in the name of Alpheios in Belgium (score +74) and Move Consultants in Switzerland (score +69). In the meantime, the attention within the NPS programme has shifted from embedding to optimisation. Vebego organises workshops with all companies to collectively exchange knowledge and resolve bottlenecks with each other.