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As Vebego, we want to excel in the service we provide to customers. Several innovative concepts for customers were developed in 2021.

Leading the way in healthcare

One of our new proposals is “Capacityd”. We want to relieve the burden on healthcare and healthcare professionals, partly through smart technology. Through track & trace systems in cleaning trolleys and sensors on site, we can ensure quick cleaning and efficient logistical occupation of beds, among other things.

Together with other parties in healthcare, Assist has taken the initiative for knowledge and network platform De Praktijk  (in Dutch), which aims to future-proof our healthcare system. Alongside healthcare professionals, De Praktijk includes scientists, politicians and other thinkers and doers from the public and private sectors who gain and bring knowledge and expertise, with the aim of driving radical changes.   

Workplace concepts
Alba Haus Basel, Switzerland

In 2021, we also took follow-up steps for the development of workplace concepts. We’ve now been unburdening companies with the management of their workplaces for some time with YourOFFICE. In 2021, we started two even more ambitious projects: the development of the Alba Haus at Basel and the redevelopment of a large office building of the Swiss bank UBS. With the Eindhoven High Tech Campus as a shining example, Vebego is a partner in creating thriving ecosystems in both places.

In collaboration with KPN, Yask developed “GIIO”, an optimally facilitated working environment for employees and visitors in which, on the basis of personal attention, data and tools, Facility Management is taken to a higher level.


Other initiatives: fair and event

In order to increase its brand awareness, Vebego took part in the PROVADA fair in the autumn of 2021, which focuses on parties that are active in the world of property and project development. Taking part in the fair made it clear that Vebego can serve as a valuable addition to parties in the property and project development world. Vebego is going to further develop service concepts for these markets and will further strengthen its relationship network in this segment. Vebego will also take part in PROVADA in 2022.

Care Belgium organised the second edition of the Airlocked cleanroom conference, in collaboration with Alpheios and partners Dastex and PMT. With the conference theme “One step beyond”, about (sustainable) innovation in cleanrooms and laboratories, Care wants to profile itself as a specialist in cleanroom cleaning in the biotechnology, pharmaceutical and semi-conducting industry.

Hago Rail Services and NS win Best Practice Award

Vebego received a number of great awards in 2021. Brouwers Groen from De Moer won first prize of the Green Park Award that was awarded by the European Landscape Contractors Association (ELCA), while Brouwers Groen scooped up the grand prize through the construction of Tilburg Spoorpark, the largest citizens’ initiative in the Benelux.
The Golden Service Awards, aimed at rewarding remarkable achievements within the cleaning sector, included no less than two Vebego winners in 2021. Nasuh Demirtas (Hago Rail Services) was named Manager of the Year, and Cleaning Team of the Year 2021 went to Team Deltion in Zwolle (Balanz Facilitair).

Team Deltion Zwolle of Balanz became cleaning team of the year

Due to their successful partnership during the coronavirus period, five Vebego combinations were nominated for the Best Practice Award issued by the Code for Responsible Market Conduct. Hago Zorg was ultimately able to win gold alongside Hago Nederland and the Erasmus MC, and Hago Rail Services won the silver together with NS.
Winning the Dutch Family Business Award 2022 in April 2022 was primarily a token of appreciation for and a great compliment to all Vebego employees and their meaningful work.