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Abbreviations and concepts



 Carbon Dioxide
 Chief Operating Officer
 Chief Financial Officer
 Chief Executive Officer
 Chief Human Resources Officer
 Chief Strategy Officer
 Corporate Social Responsibility
 Corporate Sustainability Report Directive
 Designing our Future
 Diversity and Inclusion
 Environmental, Social, Governance
 Great Place To Work
 Global Reporting Initiative
 Key Performance Indicators
 Net Promoter Score
 Science Based Targets initiative
 Sustainable Development Goals
 Tax Control Framework
 Verified Carbon Standard


Meaningful work
We strive to ensure that every employee experiences their work as meaningful. This means work that makes them feel appreciated, that they enjoy doing and that is meaningful to others. It also means work in which their talents are optimally utilised, because this ensures growth; both for our employees themselves and for our organisation. We also pay attention to the social, vital and financial welfare of our employees. Meaningful work is part of a group-wide programme for sustainable employability and is measured annually, with its own methodology up to and including 2021, and gradually with GPTW from 2022.
Designing our Future
Name of the transition programme aimed towards keeping Vebego future-proof.
Evidence-based online platform with supplier sustainability assessments. This allows companies to assess the ESG performance of their global suppliers. The platform’s central objective is to make the quality of a company’s CSR management system measurable through policies, actions and results. The assessment is modelled on twenty-one CSR criteria, based on international standards for sustainable development. The results are presented in a scorecard that provides a clear overview of a supplier’s strengths and areas for improvement.
Future Fit
Internal programme for refining and strengthening Vebego’s sustainability strategy.
Consolidated turnover
The total turnover of all companies in which Vebego has predominant control.

Managed turnover
Vebego’s turnover, including the turnover of the joint ventures.
Global Reporting Initiative
International Network, founded in 1997, which focuses on developing a framework of standards and principles that enable organisations to measure and report on their ESG performance. By now, more than 70% of all organisations are using this framework to report their sustainability efforts.
Great Place To Work®
An internationally known and recognised employee platform with more than 35 years of research and data. In addition to employee satisfaction and engagement, the methodology measures the level of diversity and inclusion.
Vebego’s social contribution, primarily focused on SDGs 8 and 12.
One family. One culture. One language.
Second phase (2021-2025) of the Vebego 2025 strategy.
Sustainable Development Goals
Seventeen goals to make the world a better place by 2030. The SDGs were agreed upon by the member states of the United Nations. They are a global compass for challenges such as poverty, education and the climate crisis. In its contributions to these goals, Vebego focuses on SDG 8, decent work and economic growth, and SDG 12 responsible consumption and production.
Vebego 2025
Name of Vebego’s 2017-2025 strategy.