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Vebego Holding 2021 Abbreviated Financial Statements

The abbreviated financial statements are a summarised version of the 2021 Vebego Holding N.V consolidated financial statements.

Consolidated balance sheet as at 31 December 2021 (before profit appropriation)

(in thousands of euro)

Consolidated profit and loss account for 2021

(in thousands of euro)

Consolidated cash flow statement 2021

(in thousands of euro)

Independent auditor's report

To: Board of Directors of Vebego Holding N.V.

Key figures

At Vebego we use the terms ‘managed’ and 'consolidated'. The consolidated turnover of €1,052 million includes the turnover of all companies over which Vebego has predominant control.

Message from the Supervisory Board

This was yet another year in which COVID-19 played a major role. However, there was an important difference. In 2020, the Supervisory Board was closely involved with operations.

Net Promoter Score

Vebego strives for long-term relationships with its clients, partners and suppliers. In order to continuously receive customer feedback, we introduced Net Promoter Score (NPS) in 2020 as a measurement method at the majority of our 100% companies.

Great flexibility, accelerated innovation

2021 was largely dominated by the coronavirus. Over the last year, we again had to keep up with and adapt to the measures and developments in order to perform our services at airports, on trains, in (home) care and in the office environment.

“Tilburg Spoorpark has become a beautiful park, with a very clear social function”

Tilburg Spoorpark opened in 2019. The plot in the middle of the city, formerly an NS marshalling yard and the logistics hub of Van Gend & Loos, has been transformed into a vibrant city park.

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