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Doing good is in our genes. That is why we believe it is important to contribute to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, on the way to a more sustainable and better world in 2030. We have started the dialogue with our stakeholders and analysed Vebego's business activities (business portfolio). On this basis, we decided to focus, as a collective, primarily on our contribution to SDG 8 (decent work and economic growth) and SDG 10 (reduce inequalities).

Focus on SDGs 8 and 10

We believe that in our role as employer , we make the greatest impact and can reduce inequality. We endeavour to offer more and more inclusive employment and want to provide meaningful work to all our employees; we also believe it is important that they also truly experience this as meaningful themselves. We want to empower our employees, let them come out from the shadow and offer them opportunities. We guarantee this internally, among other things, by ensuring an inclusive culture. We also pay a lot of attention to the sustainable employability of our employees and to their social, vital and financial welfare. This requires us to provide facilitating leadership and people who know how to provide space for talent and initiatives. We have formulated an HR vision that serves as the basis for this transition and this form of leadership.

We structurally monitor the welfare of our employees, using the scientifically substantiated measuring method Meaningful Work . But it goes further than that. It is our dream to be able to ensure that there is more social appreciation for the type of work that our people do. Still too often, the professions at the basis of our labour market are looked down upon, while their contribution is essential to maintaining a pleasant, clean and safe living environment. We want to strengthen the social position of these professional groups by making the importance of their work visible, so that they receive the appreciation they deserve.

We also support and encourage our companies themselves to develop various projects, programmes and initiatives that contribute to the SDGs. This concerns initiatives that have a positive impact on customers and end users, for example, because they affect their services or the immediate environment in which our companies operate.

In making impact, the companies are supported with advice by the Vebego holding company. Vebego focuses on SDG 8 and SDG 10. At the same time, we give all companies freedom of choice. For example, we do justice to the broad portfolio of Vebego and its companies and to our subsidiaries’ need to align with customer and market developments.