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Vebego 2025 Strategy

In order to achieve our goal , we must collectively strengthen our position in the market. That is why Vebego developed the “Vebego 2025” strategy starting in 2017. The strategy, which has now been partially implemented, is focused on transforming Vebego from a group of autonomous companies into a powerful collective in 2025. 

Added value

We were originally a cleaning company. This is still our largest activity across the countries. Over time, products, expertise and related services have been added. These regard specific services for segments or large customers in aviation, public transport, cleanrooms and industry. But we have also added items such as landscaping, provision of care, personnel services, circular solutions and technical maintenance. On the one hand, our added value is in service solutions that are close to the customer’s primary process, such as the cleaning of cleanrooms. At the same time, we also provide added value to customers with unique, specialist services, such as, for example, façade management and integrated facility management. In any event, we strive for healthy long-term relationships with customers.

Collaboration and uniformity

A crucial part of Vebego 2025 is our positioning as providers of added value. The second strategy point is visibility in the market as a powerful collective. We closely align the individual positioning of the companies with the Vebego-wide positioning, based on our motto: “Alone you can go faster, but together you can go further”. In order to strengthen this positioning, in the coming years, we will reduce the number of brands with which we present ourselves. The transition that has been initiated stimulates entrepreneurship and cooperation between companies, for example, in their marketing and exchange of knowledge. Internally, we also make better use of the collective’s potential by making the processes, systems and organisational models in the companies much more uniform. By 2025, this approach should lead to more time to pay attention to customers and employees, greater recognition in the market and more financial room to make an impact. That is, and remains, our primary goal: to make more impact on customers, employees and society.

The key goals of our strategy are:

  • Strong autonomous growth in the selected markets, with a high customer rating based on Net Promoter Score for our employees and our services.

  • Our employees appreciate and understand the meaning of their work and feel proud and involved in the services that we provide. We also pay attention to the social, vital and financial welfare of our employees. We measure this with the Meaningful Work methodology.

  • Customers, end users and in time, the entire society have increasing appreciation for our employees and the important work that they do every day. Our impact goal is therefore: appreciation from everyone for the meaningful work we do together every day, with a large diversity of employees. We offer an opportunity to everyone who wants to work.

  • 100% compliant: we always work within the framework of the law and the standards and values that we set ourselves.

  • Sustainable profits to ensure continuity and to achieve our impact goals.