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Board of Directors

Vebego is managed by the Board of Directors, consisting of Ton Goedmakers (Chief Executive Officer) and Ronald Goedmakers (member, who is also responsible for Impact/sustainability and communication).

Responsibility for the day-to-day management of Vebego lies with the Executive Board, which is comprised of the Board of Directors and five other members. They are Ferry Muller (Chief Financial Officer, including risk, compliance, governance and IT), Giuseppe Santagada (Chief Operating Officer (COO) for Germany and Switzerland), Mark van Haasteren (COO for Belgium and the Netherlands), Niel Cortenraad (Chief Strategy Officer and Secretary) and Peter van Montfort (Chief Human Resources Officer, including leadership, meaningful work and talent management).

The Board of Directors and the Executive Board currently only consist of males. Nonetheless, we strongly believe in the importance of diversity and inclusiveness. For future job openings, Vebego, in addition to individual requirements, will also critically examine the diversity within the Executive Board.


Ton Goedmakers was appointed Vebego CEO as of 1 January 2021. He took over this role from Ronald Goedmakers, who was CEO for 16 years. Ronald remains part of the Board of Directors. Vebego also reinforced its Executive Board with Giuseppe Santagada and Mark van Haasteren as of 1 January 2021. This step anchors the importance of customers, companies and employees even more firmly in Vebego’s top management. Giuseppe has been working at Vebego since 2018 and was previously Division Director in Switzerland. He is responsible for the Swiss and German Vebego companies as Chief Operating Officer (COO) in the Executive Board. Mark has been working at Vebego since 2019 and was previously Division Director in the Netherlands. He is responsible for the Dutch and Belgian companies as COO in the Executive Board.

Vebego will strengthen its organisation in the coming years by making many small companies into eleven large companies, with the goal of further increasing the impact for customers, employees and society. As a result, the classification in five divisions will be eliminated in 2021 and the role of Division Director will be cancelled. All companies will then report directly to their COO in the Executive Board.

Ton Goedmakers Sr.: ‘It is good to make room in a timely manner’ 

Vebego was founded in 1943 and has gradually developed into an international family business. In previous years, the company transferred to the third generation of Goedmakers, who have now become shareholder. Ton Goedmakers (1980) was appointed CEO as of 2021 and succeeds his uncle Ronald, who will continue to support him in the management. Ton Goedmakers Sr. is happy with the transition. ‘In our family, we have the tradition that we take a step back fairly early. My father was in charge until he was 57-years-old. I, myself, stopped when I was 60, after having been in charge until the age of 54. It is good to make room in a timely manner. It makes you less vulnerable as a company. Not so much grows under large trees.’

Now that the third generation has taken over the management, the Vebego governance has been brought into alignment via an update to our Governance code. Ton Goedmakers Sr.: ‘Control at Vebego was well-organised, but will now be adapted to the new situation. The company’s interest will also continue to prevail over individual interests. The third generation now faces a nice new challenge. Further professionalisation and utilisation of the collective’s strength, while maintaining the entrepreneurial culture that is in our DNA. And of course, properly transfer the company once again, in due course, to the next generation.’