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Vebego Foundation

The Vebego Foundation  (in Dutch) initiates, organises and facilitates social projects. Projects that contribute to our mission: working towards a better future for children and young people up to age 25. We do this near and far, around the themes of work, care and education. The Vebego Foundation is financed from a fixed annual contribution by Vebego. In addition to the work of the Vebego Foundation, individual Vebego companies also support independent volunteer initiatives and community partners. 

My Project 

We support employees who make an effort for society with ‘My Project’. Many of our colleagues are often working on a regular basis to make the living environment of people around them more beautiful, healthier and more enjoyable. For example, by working at a sports association or volunteering in a community centre. Vebego employees in the Netherlands and Belgium can apply for a financial contribution for the volunteer work or social project in which they are involved. We have supported 37 such projects since 2017. Recent contributions regarded materials for making cuddly toys for children in the hospital, a buddy bike for a nursing home and the purchase of jogging suits for a youth football team. There are currently 14 ‘ongoing’ projects that cannot be executed due to the restriction by the Covid-19 measures.

Building trips 

The Vebego Foundation organises building trips to Sri Lanka, Ghana and Morocco, among others, in order to literally build the future with colleagues and local parties. We chose these ‘target countries’ because a relatively large number of Vebego employees originally came from there. Since its establishment, 541 employees have participated in 36 trips. These employees came from the various Vebego companies in Germany, Belgium, Switzerland and the Netherlands. We started measuring the impact of the building trips on our employees in 2016. We use a survey to measure the impact at three moments: prior to the building trip, after the building trip and one year after its completion. We see that participation has a positive impact on the connection between colleagues from different functions, countries and companies. Collaborating with the local population also creates a greater understanding of other cultures. Employees also do volunteer work in their own neighbourhood after a project. This increases the social impact of our projects.

Strategic partners 

In the Netherlands, the Vebego Foundation works with Stichting Jarige Job and Oranje Fonds   to support children and young people. We will be looking for new strategic partners in the Netherlands and Belgium in the coming year.

World cleanup day

The building trips and many other volunteer activities from My Project could not proceed in 2020. There was also much less volunteer work that could be done with the strategic partners. This was not possible due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the corresponding measures. That is why we have chosen, in 2020, to financially support old, already completed projects and, together with our partners, take a critical look at how we could provide them with extra financial support through a donation.