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CO2 and the environment: less negative impact, more positive impact

Vebego wants to make a positive impact and actively reduce any negative impact. We deal in a sustainable manner with employees and customers, but also with the environment. We take our responsibility in combatting climate change and its consequences. We do not just want that ourselves. Our customers also expect us to contribute concretely to their climate goals. Our goal is that we will work in a CO2-neutral manner within all of our activities no later than 2030.

Electric vehicle fleet measures

We will be taking various measures in the coming years in areas of focus such as the fleet of vehicles, accommodation and work clothing. We will make our leased fleet of vehicles more sustainable by switching to an electric fleet in phases. Vebego facilitates this sustainability by entering into framework contracts from the holding company with partners who contribute to our goals and objectives. All of the Vebego companies can use this option. The companies themselves can decide for even more ambitious objectives and also do so partially. Making the fleet of vehicles sustainable leads to a significant reduction in CO2 emissions. We temporarily compensate for the remaining CO2 emissions through investments in certified Gold Standard sustainability projects.

Accommodation and work clothing

CO2 reduction is part of the business case in every decision for (new) accommodation. At a local level, our companies often manage their energy consumption through environmental management systems and have their energy reduction objectives certified according to ISO 140001. CO2 neutrality in work clothing is a requirement for every purchasing process starting in 2020.

Baseline measurement of CO2 footprint

In order to be able to measure the progress of our activities, we will conduct an initial baseline measurement of our CO2 footprint for all of Vebego in 2021. Based on this measurement, we will determine with which measures we can further reduce our footprint in order to achieve our goal in 2030. We will create a clear roadmap with the measures to be taken. 

Less water consumption, more water elsewhere

We use a lot of water as part of our service. Our companies have established the goal of endeavouring to use one less bucket – 20 litres – of water for each hour of cleaning. We already save water now when cleaning surfaces by selecting innovative materials and techniques. In partnership with MADE BLUE, Vebego has been committed since 2015 in converting this reduced negative impact into a positive social impact. Each litre of water that was not used is made available, together with MADE BLUE, as drinking water in developing countries. More than 100 million litres of clean drinking water have now been made available in places in the world where that is most needed.