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Balanz Facilitair takes the lead in measuring impact

Balanz Facilitair is currently doing a pilot with the Impact Institute in order to better identify its impact. The pilot consists of two parts. The first step is to make a qualitative estimate of Balanz Facilitair’s wide impact on employees, customers and the environment. Then Balanz Facilitair will focus further on matters in which it wants to excel, such as providing meaningful work and a bridge for people at a distance from the labour market.

The value of meaningful work

Peter Paul Wiegmans is Managing Director of Balanz Facilitair. He is participating in the pilot based on intrinsic motivation, but also based on business interest. ‘Our mission is that we want to give everyone a meaningful role. As a Vebego company, we want to bring out the best in people by offering them meaningful work. At the same time, we want to be able to explain to stakeholders what impact we make. Because the added value of Balanz Facilitair is much greater than just the service we provide. We have approximately 1,000 employees. More than 60% of my colleagues have a distance to the labour market and fall under the Participation Act and WSW (Wet Sociale Werkvoorziening [Sheltered Employment Act]). What does it mean that we provide work to this target group? What does it mean to them, their financial situation and their welfare, as well as that of their family? And what does it mean for our partners in the social domain: what is the effect of meaningful work on issues such as welfare benefits and security? Impact Institute helps us to study and calculate these types of correlations, also using national data. We all know that having work is important for a meaningful existence. The value of this fact can be in the thousands of euros per year per person, corrected for income. This value is probably even greater for someone with a distance to the labour market. It is exactly this value, which is normally not visible and not sufficiently incorporated in daily decisions, that we want to bring into the open.”

Example company for labour market regions

According to Wiegmans, the pilot provides more knowledge about what is impact and how you measure it. ‘It is instructive that we must be very specific, with data and with setting goals. The baseline measurement will be an important first result. For this purpose, Impact Institute uses, among other things, the results from our employee satisfaction survey and our Net Promoter Score. After the baseline measurement, we can direct in a more focused manner on impact and substantiated communication. As a company, for example, we would like to also demonstrate our impact in the long-term on the level of labour market regions. We are active in 11 of the 35 labour market regions in the Netherlands and want to demonstrate, as an exemplary company, how we provide Social Return on Investment in a measurable manner.’ 

Impact Institute measures Balanz Facilitair’s impact on these six capitals