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Great Place to Work: ‘Every day is different’

Vebego wants to make an impact and does this, among other things, by providing employees with a meaningful job . It measures this impact at several companies with Meaningful Work, a self-developed, scientifically tested method . But there are also other options to provide meaningful work and to measure whether that makes a contribution. Yask , a specialist in facility services with more than 500 employees, uses the Great Place to Work methodology for this purpose.

Jordy Hendriks (33) has been working as facility manager at Yask since 2017. His first assignment was at Eurocontrol, the company that is responsible, for part of Europe, for all air traffic above an altitude of 7.5 kilometres. Since the beginning of 2021, he has been working on behalf of Yask at GGD (Gemeentelijke Gezondheidsdienst [Municipal Health Service]) South Limburg, Acute Care. As a facility manager, he is responsible for, among other things, the deployability of ambulances in the region. He thinks it is a great assignment: ‘It is challenging and varied work. Every day really is different. I do all of the operational management, from arranging housing to ensuring that the right medication is present in the ambulances. But I am also responsible, for example, for contract management and all purchasing processes.’

Employees come first

In previous jobs, Hendriks saw that employees were sometimes viewed merely as a means to an end. He thinks that is truly different at Yask. ‘The employee really does come first here. That is largely embedded in the culture. People at Yask are doers, solvers. Service-oriented, no-nonsense. We help each other, pay attention to each other. For example, there is a Vlog of the Week in which employees talk about their work and expertise on their own intranet. There is time and space to tell your story. That is true for individual employees, but also for entire teams that sometimes work primarily at the client site.’

Jordy Hendriks

Constant dialogue

Nevertheless, attention for employees is not just a matter of culture. It is also entrenched organisationally and strategically. Hendriks: ‘It begins with the cornerstone “Yask and the employee” as part of the Yask strategy. As a company, Yask conducts a constant dialogue with employees about questions such as: Do you enjoy the work, does your work suit you, can you utilise your talents, do you feel appreciated, do you feel fit and energetic? The interests of the employee ultimately take precedence over those of the customer: if an employee does not feel comfortable somewhere, we look for a different workplace. Yask also sets clear, measurable goals for itself. For example, in terms of employee satisfaction, we aim for a minimum score of 8+.’

Happy Box

Looking after each other at Yask is embedded in the business operations and is always made concrete when possible. There is a development programme that everyone can use. Every quarter, a Great Place to Work Barometer is set up that leads to improvement actions where necessary. Yask even has an Employee Experience manager, Karlijn Hendriks. Hendriks himself is a driving force within Yask for the Great Place To Work work group. Among other things, this group came up with the idea of a Happy Box, a bag of goodies that managers can draw upon when they want to thank or compliment colleagues in a playful manner. In addition, Hendriks coaches a group of Yask managers in using the Me + U methodology. This development method is based on eight employee motivators and combines them with feedback from colleagues, manager, customer, supplier or someone from the personal environment.

Heart for the matter

With "Yask & the employee" as the cornerstone for implementing the strategy, Yask consistently focuses on the job satisfaction of its own employees. It ensures good mutual cooperation and makes the company attractive as an employer. It raises the question whether and to what extent customers also benefit from this approach. Hendriks does see solid added value for customers. ‘The true Yask employee cares about the business. I know from experience that that gets seen and appreciated.’