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As HR, we translate Vebego's mission and vision into HR policy and HR processes. We want to mean something as Vebego, we want to matter. To make a difference, side by side, with room for everyone who wants to participate and be involved. Being able to offer continuity and meaningful work. Knowing why you matter. Every single day. Meaning something to all our customers. And making a positive contribution to society. Reaching people, making them happy and having a positive impact on the lives of others. That is what drives Vebego, every day once again. It is also the guiding principle in everything we do for our employees as HR. In line with this fact, the following steps were taken in 2020

  • * Employees are the total number of employees from the consolidated companies and our joint ventures

The number of employees at the end of 2020 is 34,091, where the decrease compared to 2019 (36,405) is due entirely to the effects of the corona pandemic. Two-thirds of our employees work part-time, 74% are female.

Vital Professionalism

Vital Professionalism is one of our strategic projects for 2025. We work within the Vital Professionalism programme on four cornerstones: Meaningful Work, Vitality & Health, Career & Mobility and Training & Development. We provide education and training about the various themes in the programme. Everything revolves around people. After a successful start at Hago Zorg, the programme will now be implemented across Vebego. Westerveld, Hago Rail Services and Brouwers Groenaannemers, among others, began implementing Vital Professionalism in 2020. Vital Professionalism enables us to contribute to SDG 8 (the emphasis is here) and SDG 10 .

Meaningful Work 

Vebego stands for meaningful work. Work that you enjoy getting up for in the morning, that you enjoy doing together, that makes you feel important and that allows you to make the most out of your talents. In short, work you can be proud of. 

In order to be able to constantly offer meaningful work to our employees, we want an understanding of the points where action and improvement are necessary. We do this with our own Meaningful Work survey. We translate the resulting insights into concrete actions so that we, as HR, can contribute structurally to meaningful work. Every day once again. Working at Vebego was rated a satisfaction score of 7.8 in 2020, an increase compared to last year (2019: 7.6). A total of 21 Vebego companies conducted the Meaningful Work study in 2020, with responses from 6,660 employees.

In this corona period, the importance of meaningful work is only increasing. In order to emphasise this, we have shared great initiatives under the name #mywerkisvansignificis to show what our employees do and what they do. We have also investigated the impact of the corona on our organisation with the study “Working together successfully at a distance”. This study was conducted in May 2020 and November 2020. These are the figures from the study in November 2020:   

Source: Report on survey Making remotely working together a success

Vitality & Health 

Employees in the 2020 Meaningful Work survey gave an average score of 8.1 for ‘Happiness’ (in 2019: 8.0) and a score of 76 for ‘Vitality’ (score 0-100; in 2019: 75). We are extra proud of these results because they were achieved in a difficult corona year. We do our best to provide optimal emotional and mental support to our colleagues in this challenging time. Colleagues can call upon an online psychologist via OpenUp for issues such as (work) stress and dealing with loneliness. Emergenz offers trauma care and aftercare, for example, for our people who work in hospitals. In addition to mental welfare, financial vitality is also very important. Vebego sees its responsibility in supporting employees in this matter. We do this together with the Budget Coach Group through (online) workshops and financial consulting discussions. 

Example of this approach: Mohamed Aziem, who works at Hago Rail Services, explains in this video  (in Dutch) how he was helped to become financially fit once again.

Career & Mobility 

The programme Talent in View reflects upon a person’s talent, for what role this talent is suited and what development is required. In this way, we can optimally deploy people’s talents and respond to the market in a timely manner. The internal job bank was launched in June 2020 in order to strengthen this growth and development perspective for our people, This initiative enables us to increase the internal mobility between our companies. In concrete terms, we also set up an internal flexible pool during the corona period in order to loan out employees, who could not perform their regular work, to a different Vebego company where there was high demand for employees. In total, more than 1,000 colleagues were able to find replacement work via the flexible pool, of which 244 employees could be deployed across the companies.

In addition, we continue to develop the content and significance of the work for our employees and we are open to utilising technological developments in order to make the work lighter, easier and more interesting.

Training & Development 

Lifelong learning is crucial for everyone who works at Vebego. This is because the complexity of the work is increasing. Technological and organizational innovations and increasing demands from customers and society require different competences. In order to facilitate these requirements, we offer comprehensive opportunities in, among other things, coaching, leadership programmes, basic training, language training and other professional courses.  

We are society. 

For us, it is natural that our organisation and the people who work with us, reflect the society in which we live. We are society, which means that our organisation has more than one hundred nationalities. That accessibility is one of our most important characteristics and with that, we contribute to SDG 10 . It helps us to meet the major challenges on the labour market (increased retirement age, ageing of the population, scarcity). At the same time, we can and want to do more. That is why we are working with a project group to increase awareness and the degree of inclusiveness and diversity in our organisation. We develop tools that encourage inclusive employment practices. It regards, for example, the way in which you write recruitment texts, organising ‘a good conversation’ in culturally diverse teams and measuring diversity in the organisation.

Our Topacademy students in Maasstad Hospital in Rotterdam

Distance to the labour market does not exist in our organisation 

We believe that anyone can work with us, certainly also people with additional challenges, because we are good at human work. In a number of our specialised companies, which originate from partnerships with social employment facilities, more than 2/3 of the employees have an occupational disability. Our Dutch companies now employ approximately 3,500 people with a distance to the labour market. That is 17% of the total number of employees in the Netherlands. There are approximately 4,000 employees with an occupational disability working at Vebego. They are 12% of the total number of Vebego employees. 

It is a major challenge for us to reach these target groups effectively and to offer visible added value as an employer. We do this by increasing our visibility as an employer. We also respond to requirements such as part-time work and we offer maximum flexibility with regard to scope of work. Everyone who wants to work, has an opportunity with us. In addition, we continue to develop the content and significance of the work for our existing employees and we are open to utilising technological developments in order to make the work lighter, easier and more interesting.

Safety in the workplace 

Working safely is an absolute priority within our companies. Through safety training, instruction videos and manuals, we ensure that our employees obtain the proper tools in order to be able to work safely. When we prepared employees in a short amount of time last year to work in hospitals, we made short instruction videos to prepare them for this purpose.

Looking ahead 

We continue to work hard in the coming period on rolling out and optimising our program, Vital Professionalism. Other topics on the HR agenda for 2021-2022 are:  

  • A smarter HR system and platform that enables us to communicate faster with our employees. 

  • Optimising our Performance & Competence Cycle, focusing on sustainable employability, meaningful work and increasing ownership. 

  • Strengthening and communicating our position in the labour market as the most attractive employer in facility services. 

  • Implementing additional tools to measure and positively impact employee satisfaction and the significance of work. 

  • Applying the impact of the coronavirus in our favour (for example, home offices, mobility, housing and leadership). 

  • Increasing awareness and the degree of inclusiveness and diversity within Vebego. 

These instruments and programmes will have a direct impact on achieving our mission: Vebego vitalises work and care, for customers, employees, society and organisation, in order to ultimately contribute to making a daily positive impact on 10 million people!