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YourOffice: support and service for the work environment 

The official kick-off of the Workspace-as-a-Service concept took place at the end of 2020. Under the name YourOffice, companies receive support in the management and innovation of their working environment. The service is broad and ranges from IT to catering. from cleaning to sustainable office furniture, from childcare to company training. Elena Tachatos is project leader of YourOffice. ‘The working environment has a major impact on employee satisfaction and effectiveness. A pleasant workplace with good conditions ensures that you are attractive as an employer. In Switzerland, there is still much to be gained in small and medium-sized enterprises.’

All possible services 

At YourOffice, the services are always tailored. Tachatos: ‘We start with a needs analysis. This is followed by a design based on the corporate culture and all possible services that are needed at the customer’s location. We are single point of contact throughout the entire process of management and innovation. In this way, we can fall back on external project partners in the area of sustainability and circular economy, IT and science.’ 

Yond building in Zürich

Three worlds 

After completing the mechanical engineer programme, Elena Tachatos opted for a facility management study. ‘In facility management, three worlds come together: people, technology and the economy. That really appeals to me.’ As YourOffice’s project manager, she can now fully utilise her interests to create an optimal working environment for companies. ‘It works, there was a lot of interest immediately. I also feel at home in the Vebego family culture. And it is never boring: Corona demands new strategies with the combination of working from home and the office.’  

MOVE Consultants is the largest Swiss data manager and real estate consultant for our clients. Among other things, they offer layout/staffing planning and operational concepts for leased space, support for building owners and in renovations and planning and management of relocations. During the corona pandemic, MOVE consultants also support and advise our clients in the optimisation of existing office space with customised workspace concepts.