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Vebego strives for long-term relationships with its clients, partners and suppliers. In order to continuously receive customer feedback, we introduced Net Promoter Score (NPS) in 2020 as a measurement method at the majority of our 100% companies. We performed a baseline measurement at 23 companies and various companies have now also conducted a second or third measurement. The methods vary from relational (what do you think of company x) to transactional (what did you think of experience x), depending on the needs and the specific business. We work with a set of fixed questions that are the same for every company. It is possible to add variable questions for each company about a specific service, market situation or area of attention.

The results varied from an NPS of -6 to +88. A number of companies have not yet included all of the clients during the implementation because they first want to gain more experience with this way of measurement. All clients will be approached in 2021. The response was on average 28%. Items that score well across the entire portfolio of companies are the quality of the service, the contact person on site and the ‘thinking along’. One aspect that requires attention is proactivity. In conversations with clients and in the next series of surveys, we will look at what (the need for) proactivity means exactly to different clients.

In addition to the customer feedback surveys, we conducted a so-called ‘mirror survey’ in the baseline measurement among employees with the question: what do you think the client thinks? As a result, awareness grew within Vebego that listening to the client in a structured and more objective manner can lead to other, unexpected insights. The mirror survey compared the questions from the client survey with the employee's opinion about that client group. In 2021 and beyond, an NPS measurement will be performed at least once per year. There are already several companies that perform measurements two to four times per year, including transactional measurements that are conducted throughout the year.