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In 1943, family business Vebego started with the establishment of the window cleaning company, Hago, by Tonny Goedmakers. Since then, Vebego has grown into a powerful collective, with subsidiaries and joint ventures in Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands and Switzerland. We have more than 34,000 employees working in cleaning, landscaping, facility management, personnel services and healthcare. We offer specialised services, resources and expertise in these areas. Vebego strives for healthy growth, as it is a precondition for continuity and independence. But what really drives us is ‘doing good’: we want to offer all our employees meaningful work. We believe that this allows us to provide the most added value for our customers and their employees and for society.

Our goal

Vebego is an independent family business with a great ambition: to make a positive impact on ten million people on a daily basis in 2025. In all four countries where we operate – Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland – we want to have a strong presence at customers who, like us, want to appreciate the significance of our work and our employees. We want to give our employees a better position in our society. They must get the appreciation that they deserve. From us, from our customers, from end users and from society.

Family business

We are a family business of people, for people. A business with a strong and recognisable culture. Shareholder value and growth are not our primary motivations. We look beyond the following quarter, and consider the interests of our customers, employees, and society as a whole. This is done based on the core values of Vebego, and to which anyone can always hold us accountable, now and in the future. The values ​​that guided our founder to making the right decisions are an important inspiration. That sense of family is and remains the driving force behind Vebego. It is the cement that binds our 34,000+ employees in four countries.