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Message from the Supervisory Board

Covid-19 caused a serious disaster in March 2020. It was certainly a very stressful time for the first few weeks and months. Suddenly, everything was uncertain.

Vebego International 2020 Abbreviated Financial Statements

The abbreviated financial statements are a summarised version of the 2020 Vebego International N.V consolidated financial statements.

Group balance sheet as at 31 December 2020 (before profit appropriation)

(in thousands of euro)

Group profit and loss account for 2020

(in thousands of euro)

Group cash flow statement 2020

(in thousands of euro)

Independent auditor's report

To: Board of Directors of Vebego International N.V.

A new phase: One family. One culture. One language.

The Vebego strategy is focused on growth and impact. Over the last three years, we have brought order to the foundation of our organisation with “Vebego vitalises”.

Materiality: specify own sustainability themes

Vebego does not only want to make an impact, but also wants to be able to measure and report on this in a targeted manner.

Balanz Facilitair takes the lead in measuring impact

Balanz Facilitair is currently doing a pilot with the Impact Institute in order to better identify its impact. The pilot consists of two parts.

YourOffice: support and service for the work environment 

The official kick-off of the Workspace-as-a-Service concept took place at the end of 2020. Under the name YourOffice, companies receive support in the management and innovation of their working environment.

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